Mission Impossible: That’s what many of our clients, who are adoptees looking for their biological parents or family, tell us they feel like. It’s often an emotional journey, that is filled with uncertainty and a bit of hopelessness by the time they reach our door. Our team of researchers and investigators have successfully worked with many clients to locate their birth-parents and families.

We start with a consultation, finding out what they know, and have looked at thus far. We don’t want to replicate their work unnecessarily, but we also want to be very thorough. We’ve found a number of family members using what seemed like inconsequential information at the time.

Inconsequential Information Leads to Success

In one of our cases, a last name and city led us to 30 year old property and vehicle tax records. Of course, in the span of thirty years, names had changed due to marriage and people had moved out of the area. Finally, via old roommates who also lived at the address, we were able to locate friends of the mother who in turn helped us locate the mother. This case was closed in 6 hours.

Our Tiered Approach

We take a tiered approach to these cases. We start by looking at the information the client already has, and look to see if any key information has been overlooked. Then we employ traditional investigative techniques. Depending on the quality of the information available, it may be possible to come away with results within a few hours or a few days. However, that doesn’t always happen. If we don’t have clear leads to proceed on – we move onto DNA collection and the follow-on research.

DNA-based investigations and genealogy research can be time consuming and complex. However, genealogy databases are growing exponentially and the cost for processing and analyzing DNA is headed lower every year. In addition to learning about your historical makeup and origins, it is possible to identify blood relatives, which can then lead us to your birth parents. We’ve also reunited our clients with their siblings and half-siblings.

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The final stage of all of our adoption investigations is emotional. Making contact with birth-parents or other living family members requires care. We are sensitive when communicating with the identified parties to determine if they are willing to meet with you. In most cases, birth-parents are excited at the possibility of a reunion; but that isn’t always the case. You need to be prepared upfront for the possibility that a birth-parent is deceased, not willing to meet with you, or in some cases, even denies any connection with you.

With all of the advances in DNA-based and information-based technology, we can help guide you towards finding the answer that you seek. Don’t delay, let us help you find the answers now.