Locating Witnesses

Knowing that a witness has information to help your case but can’t be found or won’t cooperate can be very frustrating. Memory doesn’t improve with time, and the more that passes after an accident occurs the more difficult the entire process becomes. Many times there isn’t even a good contact information of the witnesses, and occasionally many regret providing any information and don’t want to get involved.

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Witness Interviews

If you are a plaintiff or defense attorney, having all of the facts and knowing what “really happened” is crucial for successful litigation or settlement of an accident case.  Many witnesses don’t want to get involved or can easily become uncooperative. Locating witness quickly and putting them at ease is important to garnering information. Our investigators focus on building rapport with witnesses, rather than interrogating them. Our conversations with witnesses give them the time to tell us all of the story. Our preference is to meet with a witness face to face; however, if the case budget does not allow for that much time, a telephone interview can be conducted.  After our interview, we typically draft a formal statement and provide a detailed overview in a report to be used in support of litigation.

We go beyond the interview and evaluate the credibility of each witness. We try to determine if there are any undisclosed conflicts, or links to either party involved.

commercial vehicle accident

We have investigated hundreds of personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and medical malpractice. Our experienced investigators can locate and interview witnesses with the information you need to get the results for your client.

Photography and Videography Services

With professional Canon equipment, we can support litigation in the following ways:

  • Accident Scene Documentation
  • Documentation of Injuries
  • Enhancement of photographs taken by consumer grade cameras or phone cameras.
  • Enlargement of photographs for trial presentation.
  • Vehicle and Object Damage Documentation

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Over the years we’ve worked closely with several of the best Accident Reconstruction Engineers in the nation. We will refer your case directly to an expert with the experience and ability to provide important evidence that will help lead your case towards a successful conclusion.

Service of Process (Difficult)

Many defendants and witnesses who are uncooperative, or who have information they don’t wish to divulge attempt to dodge service of process. This frustrates delays proceedings – and can even be used to dismiss a civil case for lack of prosecution. Often you won’t even know where the witness lives. We start by locating and positively identifying the subject to be served, and construct a plan to safely affect the service.

We have the option of documenting via covert audio and video recording so that no misrepresentation can later be made about the service. Our investigators always provide detailed Affidavits of Service to support our service of process efforts.

We also offer last minute or emergency process service when a deadline is fast approaching.