Even admitting to yourself that your spouse or significant other may be having an affair can be difficult. Doing something about it requires a lot of strength; but there’s no need to do it alone. As experienced investigators we can leverage advanced surveillance techniques as well as tools such as GPS trackers and both still and video cameras to deliver evidence of adultery.

There’s no judgement here – we seek to provide you with information and resolution. You can rest assured that we will provide you with discretion while we also garner the evidence you need for court.

How does this work?

This is often the the first question people have. Most people have never had to hire a private investigator before.

We start by listening to your suspicions and concerns. By the time most people reach out to a private detective, they are already certain of their suspicions and are either looking for confirmation, or evidence of the adultery for a divorce proceeding. This conversation can happen at our office or at a location of your choosing.

We discuss your goals, and work to set expectations as we draw up an investigative plan that focuses the scope of our inquiry and the efforts that we expend.

Next we’ll draw up a retainer agreement. This is our contract for investigative services and includes a rough outline of our plan, and a rough estimation of what we think the investigation will cost. The investigation plan itself may include GPS trackers, surveillance, social media investigation, interviews with potential witnesses, forensic evaluation of electronic devices like phones or computers.

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How much will an adultery investigation cost?

The cost of the investigation, and how the retainer agreement is structured will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your budget
  • The scope of the investigation plan
  • If you know the identity of the suspected paramour
  • The amount you know about your spouses schedule
  • How active the affair is
  • The amount of free time your spouse has available to cheat
  • How many investigators will be needed to effectively surveil your spouse
  • If a GPS tracker is to be used
  • The level of suspicion your spouse has about you hiring an investigator
  • Whether you’ve had an investigator engaged in this matter in the past
  • The surveillance challenges presented, which is based on factors like locations to be surveilled, mode of transportation, etc.

We typically request a retainer that is equal to the projected costs of the investigation. We prefer to communicate with our clients frequently, when this contact won’t jeopardize the investigation. To this end, we make use of a electronic case management system that allows you to know what’s going on as soon as we log the information.

Can you tap my spouse’s phone? Or hack his computer?

No, we aren’t able to do this. Tapping a phone without consent, or hacking a computer is illegal. Like all of our evidence, we will only seek out and provide you with legal and admissible evidence.

Can you get my spouses cellular telephone or text messages?

Obtaining these items through the use of pretext or many other means is illegal. In some cases your attorney can subpoena these records from the mobile phone company. We can then help to legally identify who is behind the numbers.

What do I receive when the adultery investigation is complete?

We provide a detailed report of our findings together with the video and photographs of all evidence obtained. Our reports included embedded images of pertinent moments of the surveillance. We take great care in report preparation and consider the report our primary product. We also provide a detailed invoice with a complete breakdown of all the time spent on your case, along with expenses like database research fees and mileage.

Regardless of why you opt to engage Nalley Private Investigations in an infidelity investigation, you can be assured that a professional investigator will handle your case in a confidential and non-judgmental manner. Contact us today so we can get started on your case.